Here at Norma, we are passionate hunters, shooters and reloaders, with numerous Olympic, World, and European championship medals proving that we know what we speak about. We understand how it feels like when your heart is pounding, the palm of your hand is getting sweaty, the target is in scope and you pull the trigger. We also understand the thorough and obsessive preparations required to hit the target predictably every time, make the perfect shot and beat records over and over again. This is why you can rely on our empathy, expertise and, hence, extraordinarily high quality.


NORMA ORYX .30 CAL 165GR/100
NORMA ORYX 375  300GR/100
NORMA ORYX 9.3MM 232GR/100

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NORMA ORYX .30 CAL 165GR/100, NORMA ORYX 375 300GR/100, NORMA ORYX 9.3MM 232GR/100