The Magtech 9mm 115gr. FMJ 50 Round Capacity is the perfect choice for recreational and competitive shooting. Manufactured to the highest standards, this quality ammunition from Magtech offers superior performance and accuracy in every shot. The reliable operation of its projectiles makes it an ideal option for target practice, range sessions, and competitive matches.

This quality ammunition provides reliable penetration and consistency with its accurate full metal jacket projectile design. The bullet is brass-cased, nickel-plated, and uses non-corrosive primers for maximum reliability as it travels through your firearm’s bore. Additionally, this ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 1180 feet per second with 345 foot-pounds of energy delivered to the target with each round fired.

The Magtech 9mm 115gr. FMJ 50 Round Capacity is a must-have for those seeking high performance at an affordable price point. This quality product allows shooters to enjoy the benefits of more accurate shooting over extended periods without sacrificing performance or reliability.


9mm caliber ammunition ideal for target practice, self-defense, and competition shooting
115-grain bullet weight with a complete metal jacket design for reduced barrel fouling and improved accuracy
50 round capacity per box provides enough rounds for frequent training sessions without having to reload often
Reliable feeding and dependable operation through semi-automatic handguns
Non-corrosive boxer primer ensures consistent ignition and performance over multiple uses
Clean-burning propellant ensures reliable functioning in any weather conditions
Manufactured in Brazil to magtech’s exacting standards for consistent quality



Magtech Ammunition