The Chamber Boss ? AR15 all-in-one chamber cleaning kit is the perfect tool for fast and easy cleaning of the hard-to-reach AR15 chamber. It includes every tool you need, including a Scraper, Chamber Brush and Cleaning Pads, all of which securely attach to the durable black oxide-coated steel shaft integrated into the ergonomic handle. The handle self-centers inside the upper for precision cleaning, and the Pivot Lock tool securely holds your firearm open while cleaning. All components fit securely in the integrated storage compartment in the handle, and are protected by the tightly sealed threaded cap.


The Chamber Boss ? AR15 all-in-one chamber cleaning kit is the ultimate solution to efficiently clean the hard-to-reach AR15 chamber. This cleaning kit includes every tool you need to easily eliminate baked-on carbon from your AR15 chamber. The ergonomic handle stores all the cleaning implements, including a Scraper, Chamber Brush and 5 wool Star Chamber Cleaning Pads, making it easy to use and store.

The handle self-centers inside the upper to perfectly align with the barrel extension lugs, allowing you to spin the handle while making precision contact with all surfaces inside the chamber. The durable black oxide-coated steel shaft is integrated into the handle, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The precision Scraper is designed to fit barrel extensions and internal chambers precisely, making it easy to loosen the thickest carbon fouling. The AR15 Chamber Brush is perfect for cleaning the carbon out of the corners of your chamber, and the included AR15 Star Chamber Pads are soaked in CLP to extract the loose carbon.

The Chamber Boss ? AR15 cleaning kit also includes the handy Pivot Lock tool that securely holds your gun open while cleaning. This tool provides the optimal angle for cleaning the chamber, providing a fast and effective cleaning experience.

The self-centering handle fits precisely and rotates cleaning implements inside the chamber, making it easy to eliminate carbon build-up quickly. All the components store conveniently inside the handle, ensuring you always have the necessary tools on hand when you need them.

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